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NSS offers FPGA and ASIC IP solutions with flexible licensing models, to meet requirements of all class of system developers. The following section provides the details of IP licensing models for FPGA IP cores offered by NSS.

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Advantages of Per-license based scheme

NSS offers per-license based licensing scheme to reduce the NRE and prototype development time. In this type of licensing models (UI3, UI4, IP3 and IP4) the system developer pays only for the number of systems being manufactured and also benefits due to reduced pricing of IPs on bulk manufacturing. Right from the first sale of IP, NSS signs for 10 years of price commitment for bulk IP orders. The FPGA device locked type (UI3 and IP3) IPs will work for a specific FPGA, by checking its device ID. The system developer must provide the device ID to obtain this license. The USB dongle based per-license (UI4 and IP4) scheme requires an USB host port to which the dongle will be connected. In USB dongle based scheme the system developer can use the IP at multiple systems but at any time only one IP will run, where the dongle is plugged-in. These two license models can be compared as fixed and floating node type licensing schemes offered with typical software products.

Advantages of Unlimited licensing

NSS offers unlimited IP licensing options to system developers to realize any number of systems with NSS IP. As the pricing for this is typically 5 to 10 times of per-license based licensing scheme, this scheme is suitable for projects which are already sanctioned for high volume production. It is to be noted that the system developer must sign for NDA to obtain this license (UI2 and IP2).

Advantages of Source code level licensing

NSS offers IPs under the source code level license scheme (UI1 and IP1), to provide full scope of customization to the system developer. However the pricing for this type of licensing is extremely high and only becomes suitable for high budget and production guaranteed projects. It is to be noted that the system developer must sign for NDA to obtain this license.

Under all licensing schemes suitable end user agreement must be signed by end user of the IP.

To understand suitable licensing model, please send your requirements and hardware platform details to ip@nsscomm.com.

Contact us with technology requirements for ASIC compitible IP cores. NSS also supports migration of existing FPGA IP based designs to ASIC. Contact us for more details.

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